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Gangrene Management: Today and Tomorrow

By : Tyler Smith

Description : Gangrene is a major health concern and can cause adverse effects in its various clinical manifestations which result in considerable mass of body tissues dying due to some or the ... more

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Handbook of Zoonosis

By : Thomas Clark

Description : Zoonotic diseases are mostly caused by bacterial, viral or parasitic agents; even though, unusual agents such as prions could also be concerned in causing zoonotic disorders. Many... more

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Infection Control Handbook

By : Tyler Smith

Description : The book lays stress on the significance of infection control with the help of valuable information. Due to Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) growing worldwide, they have bec... more

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Sepsis and Septic Shock

By : Scarlett Beckinsale

Description : This is a comprehensive book which provides up-to-date detailed information regarding sepsis and septic shock. Even though extensive progress in the handling of severe sepsis and ... more

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Sepsis: Challenges and Concerns

By : Scarlett Beckinsale

Description : This book discusses the various challenges as well as concerns regarding sepsis. Sepsis has led to innumerous deaths in non-cardiologic intensive care units across the globe and r... more

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Tuberculosis: Challenges in Diagnosis and Management

By : Morris Beckler

Description : Lack of well referenced, revised and standardized books on TB has led to formulation of this book sharing the clinical experiences of global professionals on TB. Data is being rea... more

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Understanding Cholera

By : Tyler Smith

Description : This book comprises the basic and advanced study of cholera and its impacts. The book also presents a broad overview on challenges posed by cholera and effective methodologies to ... more

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Infectious Diseases: Care and Management

By : Cameron Harris

Description : Infectious diseases are caused by agents such as viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungi, arthropods, etc. The agents invade the tissues of the hosts and produce toxins within the hos... more

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Sepsis: Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment

By : Scarlett Beckinsale

Description : Sometimes our body’s reaction to infection can result in damage to internal tissues and organs. Such a condition is referred to as sepsis. Some of the symptoms of sepsis are high ... more

Results 11 - 19 of 19