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Biomarkers in Health and Medicine

By : Ralph Bowen

Description : Biomarkers are the biological indicators of any biological state. They are usually used in detecting, screening, diagnosis and treatment of varied diseases. Biomarkers are also us... more

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Clinical Anesthesiology

By : Pam Kellner

Description : Clinical anesthesiology focuses on the use of anesthesia for medical purposes. It places a person in a temporary state of unconsciousness. Anesthesia is categorized into regional ... more

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Drug Delivery: Principles and Applications

By : Brendon Krauss

Description : Drug delivery is the technique of delivering drugs in the body for the desired results. The goal of drug delivery is to achieve a therapeutic outcome. Pharmaceutical drugs may eit... more

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Pharmaceutics: Development and Applications

By : Mary Durrant

Description : Pharmaceutics refers to the study of old drugs and new chemical entities (NCE) that can be used in treating patients effectively. In other words, it is known as the study of dosag... more

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Principles of Toxicology

By : Ned Burnett

Description : Toxicology is the branch of chemistry which studies the effects of chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs on organisms. It focuses on the harmful effects of dosages and the extent to ... more

Results 11 - 15 of 15