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Theory and Concepts of Biomechanics

By : Randall Calloway

Description : In the past few years, there has been an increasing awareness that issues emerging from biology or medicine require an interdisciplinary approach. Hence, certain forms of mathemat... more

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A Practical Approach to Orthopedic Medicine

By : Marlow Coffey

Description : Orthopedic medicine studies the pathology, treatment and rehabilitation of traumatic injuries and disorders afflicting the musculoskeletal system. Sub-specialties of this particul... more

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Back Pain: Assessment and Treatment

By : Angus Sanders

Description : Back pain is caused by irritation, strain and damage that is caused in the region where the spinal muscles, tendons, nerves and discs interconnect. This book discusses the pathoph... more

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Clinical Arthritis

By : Mary Kellar

Description : Arthritis is a disorder that affects joints. The symptoms mostly include swelling, redness and pain in the affected area. The two commonly occurring arthritis are osteoarthritis a... more

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Orthopedics for Medical Practitioners

By : Solomon Willis

Description : Orthopedics is the field of medical science that deals with diseases and disorders related to our musculoskeletal system. The doctors practicing this field apply surgical and non-... more

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Pain Management

By : Kieron Gillen

Description : As a branch of medicine science, pain management refers to the practice and study of improving the quality of life for people suffering from chronic pain. The primary treatment of... more

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Spinal Cord Medicine

By : Peter Ponce

Description : Spinal cord injuries affect the spinal cord causing damage that may be temporary or permanent. Total loss of muscle function, paralysis, paraplegia and other processes such as res... more

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Surgical Procedures in Orthopedics

By : Marlow Coffey

Description : The surgical procedures in orthopedics treat the diseases and disorders related to the musculoskeletal system of living organisms. The most significant function of the musculoskel... more

Results 21 - 28 of 28