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Global Researches in Tumor Angiogenesis

By : Vince O'Riely

Description : This book discusses the global researches in the field of tumor angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is an extension process of the cardiovascular system within human body. It is mostly ins... more

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Meningiomas: Management Outlook and Surgery

By : Matthew Martin

Description : Meningiomas is a tumor arising from meningeal tissue of the brain. This book caters to neurosurgeons who intend to enhance their knowledge on the contemporary techniques regarding... more

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Neuroblastoma: Clinical and Biological Characteristics

By : Michael Jones

Description : The book sets out to present the facts and contradictions of neuroblastoma. Tumors of neuroblastoma group are heterogeneous and their genomic/molecular properties are intimately a... more

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Oncology Treatment-Related Cardiotoxicity

By : Pete McCall

Description : Cancer has emerged as a major cause of death in the past few years. The likelihood of getting a cardiovascular syndrome or cancer escalates with age. Simultaneously, significant a... more

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Oral Cancer: Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Management

By : Kimball Cho

Description : This book brings about important researches in the field of oral cancer relating to its prognosis and treatment. Oral cancer is a crucial public health problem on a global scale a... more

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Ovarian Cancer

By : Lester Price

Description : An introductory account based on ovarian cancer is provided in this book along with descriptive information. Ovarian cancer causes more deaths across the planet than all the other... more

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Ovarian Cancer: Translational and Clinical Research

By : Lester Price

Description : This is a research-focused book which discusses the translational as well as clinical research in the field of ovarian cancer. It encompasses the current developments in treatment... more

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Pancreatic Cancer: Biology and Alternative Therapies

By : Owen Abraham

Description : Pancreatic cancer is a disease in which cancer cells develop from a glandular organ situated behind the stomach known as pancreas. A thorough comprehension of the biology of pancr... more

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Pituitary Adenomas: A Study of Non Cancerous Tumors

By : Lee Stanton

Description : Non-cancerous tumors which occur in the brain are called pituitary adenomas. This book is a wholesome account on the most known pathology of the pituitary gland in the sellar regi... more

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Prostate Cancer: Advanced Researches

By : Karl Meloni

Description : This book on prostate cancer brings forth a number of exciting discoveries made in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer over the past decade. International experts have ... more

Results 41 - 50 of 57