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Cosmetology and Dermatology

By : Deb Willis

Description : Cosmetology and dermatology are often considered similar branches of medical science though both have different approaches and uses. Both these branches do overlap at the point of... more

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Geriatrics Handbook

By : Roger Simpson

Description : Geriatrics deals with the health care of elderly people. As the life expectancy of baby boomer generation has now gone up to 65 years, the focus of medical areas has shifted towar... more

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Essentials of Clinical Geriatrics

By : Roger Simpson

Description : Geriatric medicine focuses on the prevention and treatment of diseases found in older people. Some of these diseases are atherosclerosis, dementia, osteoporosis, orthogeriatrics, ... more

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New Frontiers in Geriatric Medicine

By : Roger Simpson

Description : Geriatrics refers to the medical practice of providing special health care to elderly people. It includes studies related to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and di... more

Results 1 - 4 of 4