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Kinesiology: The Mechanics of Body Movement

By : Randall Calloway

Description : Kinesiology is an upcoming field of science associated with the study of body movement. It has undergone rapid development over the past few decades. This book on kinesiology deal... more

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Tools and Techniques in Computational Medicine

By : Marcus Lewis

Description : Computational medicine is a rapidly growing field of medical science. It refers to the practice of using computer systems and software to diagnose different fatal diseases and to ... more

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Principles, Concepts and Applications of Biomedical Imaging

By : Thomas Jackson

Description : Biomedical imaging has played a significant role in diagnosis of diseases which are otherwise untraceable as these majorly affect internal organs. It includes various imaging tech... more

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Advances in Biomedical Imaging

By : Ned Wolf

Description : Biomedical imaging is an essential part of the medical world. It refers to the method and practice of scanning and visually presenting the interior of human body for examination a... more

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Biomarker: Theory and Concepts

By : Zach Henderson

Description : This book is a detailed and comprehensive medium helping students and researchers to understand the theory and concepts of biomarkers. Biomarkers or biological markers are used as... more

Results 1 - 5 of 5