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Clinical Dentistry

By : Kaley Ann

Description : Many people suffer dental problems these days, this is where clinical dentistry comes into play. It deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral problems. It has pro... more

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Oral Health Care Handbook

By : Regina Stuart

Description : This is an all-inclusive book which provides a descriptive account regarding the field of oral health care. It encompasses a broad spectrum of topics including elucidative informa... more

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Oral Health Care: Pediatrics and Clinical Analysis

By : Regina Stuart

Description : This book deals with oral health care and its application in clinical and pediatric dentistry. Oral health care in pediatric dentistry is concerned with the entire oral health, co... more

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Periodontal Disease: A Clinical Approach

By : Regina Stuart

Description : A clinical approach towards periodontal disease has been described in this up-to-date book. The aim of this book is to cater to modern practitioners as well as students and educat... more

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Periodontitis: Etiopathology and Treatment

By : Regina Stuart

Description : Pathogenesis and treatment of periodontitis consists of extensive reviews on etiopathogenic factors of periodontal tissue destruction that is associated with microbial dental plaq... more

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Dentistry: Techniques and Applied Principles

By : Edgar Weston

Description : Dentistry is the study and practice of preventing, diagnosing, treating disorders and diseases related to the oral cavity and craniofacial complex. The treatments included in this... more

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Oral Health Handbook

By : Philip Chiders

Description : Oral health deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and study of the diseases affecting the oral cavity, oral mucosa, maxillofacial area and the temperomandibular structur... more

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