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Understanding Autism

By : Paul Spencer

Description : Autism is categorized under neurodevelopmental disorders. It is commonly diagnosed in infants at an early stage by symptoms like impaired communication and interaction. This book ... more

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Principles and Practice of Otolaryngology

By : Chad Downs

Description : The area of medicine that deals with disease and disorders of the ear, nose and throat region is called otolaryngology. The discipline also encompasses diseases of the adjoining h... more

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Ovarian Cancer: Risks, Prevention and Management

By : Lester Price

Description : This book on ovarian cancer discusses the treatment, health care and rehabilitation methods that are prevalent for ovarian cancer. Common treatments include a combination of radio... more

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Dentistry: Oral Assessment, Treatment and Preventive Care

By : Clifford Moody

Description : Oral health care or dentistry is a sub-field of medicinal sciences which is concerned with the proper functioning and wellness of the oral cavity. It includes the diagnosis, treat... more

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Clinical Pain Management

By : Pam Kellner

Description : Pain management is defined as the science of easing chronic pain and improving quality of life. This book on clinical pain management discusses pain intensity and the effectivenes... more

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Biomechanics: Bones and Joints

By : Randall Calloway

Description : Biomechanics is the study and research of biological systems. This book on biomechanics discusses the mechanisms under work in the musculoskeletal system when faced with various s... more

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Stem Cells: From Basic to Advanced Principles

By : Jack Collins

Description : Stem cells are cells that are undifferentiated but can become specialized cells through cell division. This book on stem cells discusses the fundamental concepts in the harvest an... more

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Sleep Disorders: A Clinician's Guide

By : Eric Stiles

Description : Sleep disorders are defined as the changes in sleeping patterns or habits that can negatively affect health. This book on sleep disorders aims to shed light on some of the unexplo... more

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Psoriasis: Causes, Diagnosis and Therapies

By : Emily Howling

Description : Psoriasis is a condition which is caused by an immune reaction to the skin. It is characterised by red and itchy skin patches. This book on psoriasis discusses topics relevant to ... more

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Perinatal Depression: Detection and Treatment

By : Larry Stone

Description : Perinatal depression is defined as depression caused by stress and strain experienced during childbirth. It also studies mood disorders occurring before as well after pregnancy. I... more

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