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Advanced Researches in Diabetes

By : Rex Slavin

Description : Diabetes is a common disease as it has affected a large number of people around the globe. It is a pancreatic disease in which the secretion of insulin gets lowered due to imprope... more

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Environmental Health: Practice and Concerns

By : Raven Brennan

Description : Practitioners of environmental health all over the world are often confronted with problems that need investigation and action so that the unprotected populace can be secured agai... more

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Epidemiology: Advanced Study and Practices

By : Tony Andrew

Description : This book is a one-stop source of information regarding Epidemiology, providing readers with the knowledge about advanced study and practices of Epidemiology. It is a compilation ... more

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New Insights into Epidemiology

By :  

Description : The world is struck by diseases, disaster or other epidemics every year. It is thus very important to study the collective analysis of such calamities, understand its causes and i... more

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Researches in Epidemiology

By : Tony Andrew

Description : Epidemiology is the branch of medicine which is concerned with the distribution, incidence and possible control of diseases and other factors relating to health. This book gives a... more

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Public Health: Awareness Strategies and Management

By : Charline Ryler

Description : Public health management focuses on the improvement of health of the community. It generates awareness of physical, psychological and the social well being in the public. Some of ... more

Results 1 - 6 of 6