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Back Pain: Assessment and Treatment

By : Angus Sanders

Description : Back pain is caused by irritation, strain and damage that is caused in the region where the spinal muscles, tendons, nerves and discs interconnect. This book discusses the pathoph... more

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Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

By : Nigel Redman

Description : Various aspects related to bariatric surgery have been covered in this book. Bariatric surgery has gained significance in the past few decades because of the predominance of obesi... more

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Behavior and Mood Disorders

By : Peter Garner

Description : Mood disorders are characterized by disturbances in the person’s mood. The objective of this book is to give a general view of the different areas of mood disorders, its relation ... more

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Biomarker: Theory and Concepts

By : Zach Henderson

Description : This book is a detailed and comprehensive medium helping students and researchers to understand the theory and concepts of biomarkers. Biomarkers or biological markers are used as... more

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Biomarkers in Health and Medicine

By : Ralph Bowen

Description : Biomarkers are the biological indicators of any biological state. They are usually used in detecting, screening, diagnosis and treatment of varied diseases. Biomarkers are also us... more

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Biomechanics: Bones and Joints

By : Randall Calloway

Description : Biomechanics is the study and research of biological systems. This book on biomechanics discusses the mechanisms under work in the musculoskeletal system when faced with various s... more

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Biomedical Imaging

By : Thomas Jackson

Description : Biomedical Imaging is a fast growing field of medicine. Technological changes and constant demand for improved diagnosis led to the growth and advancement of this discipline. This... more

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Biomedicine Handbook

By : Mark Walters

Description : This book compiles advanced researches in the field of biomedicine. Complete and methodical technical researches in cell biology and molecular biology have promoted the enhancemen... more

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Bipolar Disorders

By : Peter Garner

Description : Bipolar disorders are a growing concern in today's world. This book is a step towards integrating various outlooks on Bipolar Disorders (BD). The variety in the perspectives of th... more

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Blood Cells and Hematology

By : Martha Roper

Description : The aim of this book is to provide useful information about blood cells and hematology, which is a branch of medicine dealing with the study of blood. This book is an array of res... more

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