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Infection Control Handbook

By : Tyler Smith

Description : The book lays stress on the significance of infection control with the help of valuable information. Due to Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) growing worldwide, they have bec... more

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Infectious Diseases: Care and Management

By : Cameron Harris

Description : Infectious diseases are caused by agents such as viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungi, arthropods, etc. The agents invade the tissues of the hosts and produce toxins within the hos... more

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Inflammatory Diseases: A Modern Outlook

By : Robert Miller

Description : A modern outlook towards inflammatory diseases has been presented in this book. It presents an elaborate and thoroughly analyzed account on inflammation. It brings a vast spectrum... more

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Innovations in Aortic Aneurysm

By : Lizzy Rattini

Description : This book presents a unique overview of latest developments towards the growth of aortic aneurysm. An abnormal enlargement of the aorta is referred to aortic aneurysm. There has b... more

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Insights into Glucose Tolerance

By : Vanessa Artiga

Description : The various insights into glucose tolerance are highlighted in this elaborative book with the help of up-to-date information. The development from normal glucose tolerance (NGT) t... more

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Insomnia: Clinical Issues, Diagnosis and Management

By : Slaton Channing

Description : The origin of the word insomnia lies in Latin wherein "in" means no and "somnus" means sleep. This disorder is described as an inability to sleep or an absolute lack of sleep and ... more

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Integrated Approaches to Colitis

By : Penelope Clark

Description : The integrated approaches towards colitis are elucidated in this all-inclusive book. Colitis refers to inflammation of colon. There are various reasons for its cause but the sympt... more

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Integrated Reviews in Regional Arthroscopy

By : Robert Berry

Description : This book presents latest research and study outcomes on regional arthroscopy. Arthroscopy has gradually emerged as the most commonly performed musculoskeletal procedure. It has p... more

9781632412669 t fc

Integrated Study of Gastritis

By : Mikhael Kular

Description : This book provides an integrated analysis of gastritis. The term Gastritis was first coined around 150 years ago, yet its etiology and prognosis has changed as medical complicatio... more

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Integrated Study of Human Embryology

By : Leonard Roosevelt

Description : An integrated study regarding the field of human embryology has been elucidated in this book. Human embryology is fast evolving and entering a new phase due to recent modification... more

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