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Keratitis: Essentials in Ophthalmology

By : Abigail Gipe

Description : Keratitis is a condition whereby the cornea of the eye becomes infected and inflamed. This book on keratitis discusses the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. Keratitis may b... more

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Key Concepts in Arthroplasty

By : Robert Berry

Description : Essential concepts of arthroplasty have been vividly presented in this book. Success of Sir Charnley's total hip arthroplasty has inspired many researchers to study this subject i... more

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Key Concepts of Ophthalmology

By : Ray George

Description : Eye diseases are very common. This book deals with diverse features of ophthalmology - the medical discipline of analysis and management of eye diseases. It is separated into a va... more

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Key Topics in Urology

By : Karl Meloni

Description : Urology is a branch of medical science which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the urinary tract in both females and males; this includes the ureters,... more

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Kidney Transplantation

By : Reagen Hu

Description : This book provides the state-of-the-art information on kidney transplantation. Kidney transplantation is a comparatively recent field in medicine, despite considerable achievement... more

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Kidney Transplantation: Management and Clinical Aspects

By : Reagen Hu

Description : This book highlights distinct areas of scientific and clinical aspects in kidney transplantation. Ranging from donor examination to the most novel methodologies in immunological d... more

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Kinesiology: The Mechanics of Body Movement

By : Randall Calloway

Description : Kinesiology is an upcoming field of science associated with the study of body movement. It has undergone rapid development over the past few decades. This book on kinesiology deal... more

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