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Neck Dissection: Clinical Frontiers and Functions

By : Sam Hurd

Description : This is a leading book in neck surgery and presents the recent work and experiences of a number of experts from around the world. It discusses the techniques of neck dissection an... more

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Neonatal Bacterial Infection

By : Larry Stone

Description : This book provides an extensive account on neonatal bacterial infection. Neonatal sepsis is still a considerable cause of disease and mortality in the newborn, specifically in pre... more

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Neural Stem Cells: Therapies

By : Jose Clark

Description : This book is a collection of research work by international veterans in the neural stem cell field and includes the characterization of adult and embryonic neural stem cells in bo... more

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Neural Tube Defects: Folate Effects, Prevention and Genetics

By : Victoria Cuffe

Description : This book on neural tube defects has been compiled with information obtained through extensive and thorough research. It consists of contributions made by veteran international au... more

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Neuroblastoma: Clinical and Biological Characteristics

By : Michael Jones

Description : The book sets out to present the facts and contradictions of neuroblastoma. Tumors of neuroblastoma group are heterogeneous and their genomic/molecular properties are intimately a... more

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Neurology: An Evidence-Based Approach

By : Thomas Moran

Description : Neurology is the branch of medicine which studies the treatment, diagnosis and cure of disorders related to the nervous system. The two main divisions of the nervous system are ce... more

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Neuropathic Pain

By : Vin Lopez

Description : Neuropathic pain is a pain associated with nerves. The intensity of this is dependent on the austerity, pain threshold and the sufferer's ability to cope. Despite trying to treat ... more

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New Aspects and Techniques of Breast Reconstruction

By : Sandra Lekin

Description : This book presents a broad overview on the various aspects of surgical methods used for breast reconstruction. The reconstruction procedures for breast cancer patients have seen t... more

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New Frontiers in Angiology

By : Vince ORiely

Description : The study of physiological process through which new blood vessels are formed from the pre-existing vessels is called angiology. This field is also known as vascular medicine and ... more

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New Frontiers in Arthroplasty

By : Robert Berry

Description : This book serves the objective of providing an understanding of the current state of arthroplasty. Success of Sir Charnley's total hip arthroplasty has inspired many researchers t... more

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