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Advanced Study of Child Development: Volume II

By : Romana Woods

Description : This book collates researches on Child Development. It attempts to look at parenting and child development from the period when it started to be understood as an essential compone... more

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Advanced Theory of Neural Stem Cells

By : Jose Clark

Description : This book consists of a collection of research work by international veterans in the neural stem cell field and includes the characterization of adult and embryonic neural stem ce... more

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Advanced Topics in Anemia

By : Rudy Willis

Description : Anemia is a common blood disorder. This book presents a complete summary of many developments in the field of anemia, including its reasons and pathogenesis, and techniques of ana... more

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Advanced Topics in Arthroplasty

By :  

Description : Novel technologies, advancements in implant design and developments in surgical technique have better results after joint substitution and have led to a declined rate of difficult... more

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Advanced Topics in Glioblastoma

By : Margaret Colgan

Description : This book provides an overview of current knowledge and discusses some of the unexplored issues in the research regarding glioblastoma. It includes important topics such as biolog... more

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Advanced Topics of Computed Tomography

By :  

Description : This book offers in-depth description on advanced topics in the field of computed tomography. Computed tomography involves the use of computer processed x-rays for imaging of the ... more

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Advances and Applications of Sonography

By : Kristen Bone

Description : Medical sonography is a medical imaging technique employed across a number of medical disciplines. The use of this technique is rapidly growing due to its easy accessibility and r... more

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Advances and Issues in Kidney Transplantation

By :  

Description : This book highlights important areas of scientific research in kidney transplantation. It discusses the most novel methodologies in transplantation immunology. Aspects of daily ca... more

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Advances in Biomedical Imaging

By : Ned Wolf

Description : Biomedical imaging is an essential part of the medical world. It refers to the method and practice of scanning and visually presenting the interior of human body for examination a... more

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Advances in Calcific Aortic Valve Disease Research

By :  

Description : Calcific aortic valve disease (CAVD) is one of the most common forms of valve disease. It has become the most widespread cardiac valve disease in the economically advanced nations... more

Results 21 - 30 of 526