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ISBN : 9781632414762

Publisher :   haylemedical

Language :   English

Category :   Dentistry

Publication Year :   2018

Price : USD 142.95

Description :  Dentistry is the study and practice of preventing, diagnosing, treating disorders and diseases related to the oral cavity and craniofacial complex. The treatments included in this field are root canal, scaling and root planing, extractions, dental implants, etc. The topics covered in this extensive text deal with the core subjects of dentistry. From theories to research to practical applications, case studies related to all contemporary topics of relevance to the field of dentistry have been included in this book. The text is compiled in such a manner, that it will provide in-depth knowledge about the theory and practice of the subject. It will serve as a reference to a broad spectrum of readers.

Author/Editor :  Edgar Weston

Author's Description :  Edgar Weston pursued his Ph.D. in Dental Sciences from Indiana University Bloomington, United States of America. He has conducted works on root canal therapy and dental pulp generation. He has authored and edited a number of academic periodicals, journal papers, articles and books in the field of dentistry. Weston has won over 10 awards and recognitions for his researches and teaching service.