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ISBN : 9781632414984

Publisher :   haylemedical

Language :   English

Category :   Genetic Disorders

Publication Year :   2018

Price : USD 155.00

Description :  The disorder caused by any abnormality found in an individual’s genes is known as a genetic disorder. They are mostly hereditary or can also be caused by new mutations. Genetic disorders can be grouped into three types - single gene disorders, chromosome disorders and multifactorial disorders. With advanced research and technology, new approaches are being developed in treating genetic disorders. This book presents the complex subject of genetic disorders in the most comprehensible and easy to understand language.

Author/Editor :  Luke Stanton

Author's Description :  Luke Stanton received his MSc in Human and Molecular Genetics from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. He is a clinician, currently practising in Canada. His teachings and researches have won him many awards. His research interests lie in the fields of intellectual disabilities, epilepsy and applied behaviour analysis in community and clinical settings. Stanton has co-written and edited seven books, and speaks extensively on topics related to genetic diseases and disorders.