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ISBN : 9781632414441

Publisher :   haylemedical

Language :   English

Category :   Medical Genetics

Publication Year :   2017

Price : USD 150.00

Description :  Autism is categorized under neurodevelopmental disorders. It is commonly diagnosed in infants at an early stage by symptoms like impaired communication and interaction. This book discusses the fundamentals as well as modern approaches to understand and study this disorder. The text provides significant information of this discipline to help develop a good understanding of autism and related fields. From theories to research to practical applications, case studies related to all contemporary topics of relevance to this field have been included herein. Also, included in this book are the different techniques that are used to diagnose and treat autism like pediatric neuropathology, metabolic and neuroimaging tools to name few. This book is an invaluable source of information for researchers and experts working in this field.

Author/Editor :  Paul Spencer

Author's Description :  Paul Spencer pursued his doctoral degree in developmental neuroscience. His academic and research interests lie in neurodevelopmental disorders, with emphasis on autism spectrum disorders. He spent more than 8 years on researches focused on diagnosis of autism and childhood disintegrative disorder. Spencer is an active member of several medical committees and has numerous peer-reviewed articles, journal papers and book chapters in the field of neuroscience to his credit.