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ISBN : 9781632414632

Publisher :   haylemedical

Language :   English

Category :   Health Care

Publication Year :   2017

Price : USD 140.00

Description :  Public health is an emerging field of study. It is concerned with preventing diseases and facilitating a good quality of life. This involves analysing population health and devising necessary strategies. This book contains some path-breaking studies in the field of public health. It studies, analyses and upholds the pillars of public health and its utmost significance in modern times. While understanding the long-term perspectives of the topics, this book makes an effort in highlighting their impacts as a modern tool for the growth of the discipline. Scientists and students actively engaged in this field will find this book full of crucial and unexplored concepts. The readers would gain knowledge that would broaden their perspective about public health.

Author/Editor :  Abby Calvin

Author's Description :  Abby Calvin, MD, PhD is a scholar of pharmacology and public health. She is a medical researcher and is actively engaged in a wide spectrum of researches, which involve toxicology of HIV-AIDS treatment drugs and public health. She has spent more than 7 years on projects focused on environmental and public health researches. Calvin has authored and edited numerous articles, journal papers and books in the field of medicine and pharmacology.