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ISBN : 9781632414717

Publisher :   haylemedical

Language :   English

Category :   Pharmaceutical Science

Publication Year :   2017

Price : USD 144.95

Description :  Toxicology studies the damaging effects caused by a chemical substance to living organisms. This book on toxicology serves as an important source of information about toxins and toxicity levels. Toxicology studies fundamental determinants of poisoning such as level of dosage, route of entry and the vital statistics of the person exposed to the substance. Contents in the text have been compiled keeping in mind the high level of research that takes place in this field. This book includes contributions of experts and scientists which will provide innovative insights into this field. It attempts to assist those with a goal of delving into the field of toxicology.

Author/Editor :  Braylon Holden

Author's Description :  Braylon pursued his MSc in pharmacology from University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. He has done extensive research in the harmful effect of chemicals on living organisms. He currently serves as a guest lecturer across several universities in United States. He has spent more than 8 years in the pharmaceutical industry, and has authored numerous articles and books, which have been published worldwide.