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ISBN : 9781632413994

Publisher :   haylemedical

Language :   English

Category :   Pulmonology

Publication Year :   2016

Price : USD 150.00

Description :  Pulmonology is the field of medical science that deals with diseases related to lungs. The professionals or doctors working in this field are generally trained in dealing with diseases related to chest such as tuberculosis, asthma, emphysema, pneumonia and other complications. This also involves ventilator support in case of critical breathing problems. In this book, using case studies and examples, constant effort has been made to make the understanding of the difficult concepts of pulmonology practiced by clinicians as easy and informative as possible, for the readers. This book consists of contributions made by international experts which unravel the recent progress of this field. It is an essential guide for pulmonologists, academicians and those who wish to pursue this discipline further.

Author/Editor :  Michael Glass

Author's Description :  Michael Glass, a PhD in pulmonary medicine from the University of Washington, is currently a practicing doctor in pulmonary medicine in America. He specializes in respiratory system, bronchoscopy and lung diseases and has a vast experience of over a decade. Michael has dedicated his life for the betterment of his patients. He is also a literary contributor in the field of medicine and has published various important articles, which enlightened the medical community.