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ISBN : 9781632410214

Publisher :   haylemedical

Language :   English

Category :   Oncology

Publication Year :   2015

Price : USD 115.00

Description :  This book provides an overview of current knowledge and discusses some of the unexplored issues in the research regarding glioblastoma. It includes important topics such as biology, imaging and therapies for glioblastoma. The book will be useful as a reference for students as well as experts dealing with the above stated topic.

Author/Editor :  Margaret Colgan

Author's Description :  Margaret Colgan received her MD from the University of British Columbia, Canada. She then received her training in oncology. She specializes in brain tumours and brain disorders. She is a clinical professor of medicine at a Canadian medical university. Colgan has produced more than 8 research papers in the field of nervous system neoplasia. She has also authored and edited numerous articles and book chapters in the field of medicine.