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ISBN : 9781632410795

Publisher :   haylemedical

Language :   English

Category :   Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Publication Year :   2015

Price : USD 115.00

Description :  This book introduces the readers to the vast field of Chinese medicine with the help of comprehensive details and information. In the past few years, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has drawn the attention of researchers from all over the world. TCM is gradually evolving as a subject area with high potential and a possibility for original innovation. The book gives understanding of the TCM researches by discussing its fundamental theories, latest advances, diagnostic approach, current clinical applications etc. It talks about unrecognized issues which are important such as the theory of TCM property, and how to carry out TCM research in the direction of TCM property theory using modern scientific technology. This book includes contributions of eminent researchers who possess clinical knowledge and have years of experience in this field. It serves the objective of providing deep understanding of the distinct characteristics of Chinese medicine.

Author/Editor :  Patrick Lampard

Author's Description :  Patrick Lampard, MD, PhD specializes in alternative medicine and traditional Chinese Medicine (herbal medicine, acupuncture and dietary therapy). He has spent more than 4 years in his research focused on alternative therapy. Currently he serves as a senior professor of medicine, based in San Francisco, United States. Patrick is associated with several medical societies, where he shares his expertise and researches with fellow doctors and students. He has numerous articles, journal papers and books to his credit.