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ISBN : 9781632410993

Publisher :   haylemedical

Language :   English

Category :   Gastroenterology

Publication Year :   2015

Price : USD 90.00

Description :  This book presents a detailed account on various aspects of the study and research approaches on Gastrostomy. Gastrostomy placement is a technique to provide nutrition to patients who are not able to eat. The book focuses on the need of gastrostomy in children, people with neurological impairment and people diseased with head and neck tumors. Home enteral nutrition is applicable to all these sets of patients and is considerably easier with gastrostomy. The new manifestations require new methods like laparoscopic gastrostomy, laparoscopy assisted endoscopic gastrostomy with/without fundoplication and ultrasonography assisted gastronomy. This book encompasses all this information and is a valuable read for physicians who are already aware about the importance and use of gastrostomy and wish to gain more knowledge.

Author/Editor :  Mikhael Kular

Author's Description :  Mikhael Kular, MD, PhD specializes in gastroenterology and gastric cancer. He is a practising doctor and a clinical professor in a medical university in United Kingdom. His academic and clinical interests lie in stomach disorders and gastrostomy. Kular is associated with several medical associations. He serves on the editorial board of reputed medical journals; and has authored numerous articles, research papers and books in the field of medicine.