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ISBN : 9781632411006

Publisher :   haylemedical

Language :   English

Category :   Urology

Publication Year :   2015

Price : USD 79.95

Description :  This book is an extensive source of information for research in the field of urology. The spectrum of possibilities for urology is growing in leaps and bounds to emerge as the most rapidly expanding surgical superspecialty. This rapid growth over the past couple of decades has stemmed from rapid scientific advancements and fruitful amalgamation of engineering and technology for diagnosis and treatment. The scope of minimally invasive approaches in surgical removal has been unmatched and preeminent. Not only are the various fields of urology evolving, significant advancements in each of these fields are also being made continually. This book talks extensively about the current trends in the field. The emphasis of the book has not been concentrated in any one particular direction, making it more relevant to associated fields like stone disease, telerobotic surgery and surgical simulation. Role played by internet based applications has also been emphasized upon. It also explores state-of-the-art concepts and focuses on concepts which hold a vast scope of applicability in future.

Author/Editor :  Karl Meloni

Author's Description :  Karl Meloni received his MD in Urology from the University of Chicago Medical Centre, United States. He is a consultant urological surgeon practising in America. His primary clinical and research interests are prostate cancer, neurourology and physiology. He is an active member of numerous cancer research associations aiding cancer patients. Meloni has written various articles and research papers in the fields of prostate cancer and its biopsy, and neurourology.