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ISBN : 9781632411709

Publisher :   haylemedical

Language :   English

Category :   Pulmonology

Publication Year :   2015

Price : USD 90.00

Description :  Lung diseases account for a high global mortality and morbidity rate and are a cause of serious concern worldwide. This book on lung diseases consists of information emphasizing on several fields, ranging from inflammatory and parasitic lung diseases to pulmonary oncogenesis and presents basic research necessary for the development of new and early biomarkers in diagnosis of the lung cancer. Mouse models can assist in the comprehension of the sequence of events involved in human lung neoplasia and their underlying molecular mechanisms. The outcomes of the research could be employed to identify new targets for the development of novel biological therapies. In this book, the role of inflammation in several respiratory diseases has been outlined. The book delves into the cellular mechanisms including neutrophils for enhancing the comprehension of the phenomenon and help in developing targeted therapies. It also highlights the rising significance of overlooked tropical diseases due to an escalated traffic across the continents and migration of the population. Physicians need to be familiar with the symptoms of these diseases, especially in travelers and immigrants from tropical endemic areas.

Author/Editor :  Toby Botkin

Author's Description :  Toby Botkin is a professor of pathology based in Kansas, United States. He received his PhD and MD from the University of Kansas. He also completed his fellowship in lung pathology in America. Botkin's clinical and research interests include pulmonology and pathology of the lung. He has authored over 300 works including articles, research papers, journals and books in the field of lung diseases. Botkin currently supervises health programs for patients with severe forms of lung diseases.