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ISBN : 9781632412256

Publisher :   haylemedical

Language :   English

Category :   Gastroenterology

Publication Year :   2015

Price : USD 90.00

Description :  An overview of the gastroesophageal reflux disease has been provided in this book. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) has been a major concern for many people who are affected by this disease. People affected by GERD live under a constant threat of deteriorating quality of life and also, a latent risk of becoming cancer infected. Furthermore, it has been a financial burden for both the diseased and the society. This book aims at providing the gastroenterologists, with an insight into GERD, and helping them to manage and combat this severe disease.

Author/Editor :  Sandra McLeish

Author's Description :  After obtaining the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree, Sandra McLeish completed her fellowship in gastroenterology. She is a practising doctor and a professor in the division of gastroenterology in Alabama, United States. Her clinical and research interests lie in gastrointestinal cancer and stomach disorders. McLeish has published a number of articles, journal papers and book chapters in the field of medicine. She is also an active member of several medical societies.