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ISBN : 9781632412355

Publisher :   haylemedical

Language :   English

Category :   Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Publication Year :   2015

Price : USD 145.95

Description :  The book is designed to provide advanced information regarding alternative medicine. Alternative medicine can be defined as medical products and processes that do not belong to the regular procedures practiced by medical doctors, doctors of osteopathy and allied health professionals. It has advanced into a multitude of medical products and practices that markedly improve body condition of patients and show disease prevention actions. This book is not an all-inclusive account of all areas of alternative medicine, but presents the reader with insights into particular aspects of established and new therapies. The major topics it covers are Historical and Cultural Perception, Compositional Analysis, Therapeutic Potential, and Action Mechanism and Future Direction. It has been written by experts from around the world who have been examining their original and other researcher's work. It will be beneficial to students, clinicians, teachers and researchers who are interested in advances in alternative medicines.

Author/Editor :  Patrick Lampard

Author's Description :  Patrick Lampard, MD, PhD specializes in alternative medicine and traditional Chinese Medicine (herbal medicine, acupuncture and dietary therapy). He has spent more than 4 years in his research focused on alternative therapy. Currently he serves as a senior professor of medicine, based in San Francisco, United States. Patrick is associated with several medical societies, where he shares his expertise and researches with fellow doctors and students. He has numerous articles, journal papers and books to his credit.