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ISBN : 9781632413390

Publisher :   haylemedical

Language :   English

Category :   Nephrology

Publication Year :   2015

Price : USD 124.95

Description :  This book aims at presenting latest insights about diagnosis, treatment and etiopathogenesis of chronic and acute renal failure. Both acute and chronic renal failures are of significant medical concern and also influence economies of many countries. Topics covered in the book elucidate essential issues of causes, diagnosis and therapeutic achievements of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). The book also includes topics which elaborate the psychological conditions of patients undergoing hemodialysis and the cure of diabetic uremics. The book serves the objective of assisting clinicians with special interest in nephrology and generalists encountering nephrological challenges frequently. It also serves as a valuable reference for researchers and students interested in the study of this area.

Author/Editor :  Tanya Walker

Author's Description :  Tanya Walker received her MD degree from the University of Ottawa, Canada. She specializes in nephrology and renal cell carcinoma. She serves as an associate clinical professor in a public medical university in Canada. Her academic interests lie in renal failure and transplantation. Walker is associated with medical projects funded by the government and other leading universities. She has contributed more than 70 journal papers and articles, and 2 reference books in the field of medicine.