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ISBN : 9781632413796

Publisher :   haylemedical

Language :   English

Category :   Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Publication Year :   2015

Price : USD 155.00

Description :  An introductory account based on the topic of preterm birth has been provided in this profound book. The preterm parturition syndrome is presently one of the main obstetrical problems. Comprehending the mechanisms resulting in prematurity may help the clinicians to formulate the required treatment that is appropriate for the mechanisms leading to preterm parturition in a particular patient. The book provides up-to-date information regarding maternal stress, particular relation with periodontal disease, and activation of the hemostatic system and preterm childbirth. It also elucidates the effects of prematurity, both short term as well as long term, along with a long term aspect of late preterm parturition. It provides content for discussions between pediatricians, obstetricians and practitioners from other disciplines regarding the treatment, prevention and diagnosis of prematurity.

Author/Editor :  Larry Stone

Author's Description :  Larry Stone received his MD from Salisbury University, United States of America. He specialises in the fields of obstetrics and gynaecology. He is a senior physician based in California, US. His research interests comprise of maternal consequences, perinatal care and neonatal care for mother and child. Larry has written numerous articles and papers on surgical techniques which cover monitoring techniques in preterm birth.