With an ever growing list of titles on health & wellness, Hayle Medical, within a short frame of time, has successfully solidified its position among healthcare publishing industry leaders.

Specializing in medical reference books, Hayle Medical also publishes point of case clinical reference information, practical guides, research reports, practice management and review texts that empower educators, students, researchers and various other members of the medical fraternity. Hayle Medical's reference books are published in many formats including print and online POA.

Bringing out the best selling medical and surgical titles penned down by researchers and experts drawn from some of the most reputed research centers, universities and institutions from around the world, Hayle Medical takes pride in its advanced content integration system & international contacts.


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Key Topics in Urology

Karl Meloni

9781632413840 t fc

Essentials of Surgery

Valerie Kent

9781632414250 t fc

Diagnostic and Clin...

Hans Affleck

9781632414212 t fc

Depression: Diagnos...

Charles Freeman

9781632413901 t fc

Current Progress in...

Danny Chapman

9781632414267 t fc

Current Progress in...

Tanya Walker

9781632413895 t fc

Current Development...

Martha Roper

9781632414236 t fc

Concepts, Theories ...

Luke Stanton

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